As a full-service staffing firm, Affinity can provide the following services:

  • direct Placement

    A traditional means of securing professional and technical talent, quickly and efficiently. Utilizing a direct placement recruiter saves companies time in identifying quality candidates by providing knowledge of the current employment market and trends, giving access to their professional network, managing the hiring process and closing the candidate.

  • Contract-to-Hire

    Contract-to-hire provides a sensible route for making sound hiring decisions. As an alternative to hiring direct, a contract-to-hire arrangement gives the employer an opportunity to truly assess an individual’s skills and cultural fit.

  • Temporary / Contract Staffing

    Contract staffing provides flexibility for companies allowing them to meet increased demand for their product or services, complete time-sensitive or short term projects, or manage seasonal industry fluctuations.

    Top Ten Reasons for Utilizing Temporary/Contract Personnel

  • 1 Offers access to a strong candidate pool and network
  • 2 Leverages the expertise of the agency and their recruiters
  • 3 Grants access to candidates with specialized skills
  • 4 Provides the opportunity to determine if a worker fits your corporate culture
  • 5 Presents a chance to see if the person works well with your team
  • 6 Allows time to verify an individual’s skill sets
  • 7 Reduces the cost to fill open positions and the cost of a “bad” hire
  • 8 Prevents staff overload and burnout, improving staff productivity
  • 9 Allows flexibility to staff projects and seasonal roles
  • 10 Saves time so you can concentrate on your business